Sonal Thumar

Sonal Thumar is a fourth –year student from South, New Jersey who is specializing in finance, accounting and logistics. The daughter of two parents who attended Ohio State, Sonal always wanted the adventure of going somewhere away from home for college.  Sonal knew if she, like her brother, attended Ohio State the change would get her out of her hometown “bubble” and empower her to make friends and gain new perspectives. 

Despite never having officially toured Ohio State prior to attending, Sonal’s family provided plenty of insights and personal experiences. On tours of other campuses, she remembers missing a sense of connection and personal touch. This influenced her decision to become a Fisher Ambassador, where she works with the college's admissions and recruitment team to fulfill their common goal of providing genuine experience to potential Business Buckeyes. 

Upon arriving at Fisher, Sonal was unsure of what she wanted to study. She became interested in accounting by learning about the various careers available, which appealed to her desire to find a professional path that was flexible and adaptable. As for logistics, she took her first logistics class during the onset of COVID-19 and became intrigued by the pandemic’s effects on logistics around the world. During the spring semester and the summer after her second year, Sonal participated in a corporate finance co-op with Johnson & Johnson. This led to a finance internship at Microsoft in the summer of 2021, which solidified her interest in adding finance as a third specialization. 

Sonal has also been involved in organizations outside the classroom throughout her college career. During her first year, she joined Students Consulting for Non-Profits (SCNO), which was important to her and allowed her to build on the previous service experiences she had at home. She credits her involvement with SCNO for helping build her personal network, as she has kept in contact with clients from previous SCNO projects. She eventually became a mentor within the organization. 

As for the rest of her fourth year and beyond, Sonal plans to travel to Seattle to return to Microsoft as part of their finance rotational program. During her final year at Fisher, she plans to spend time connecting with professors who have been pivotal in her success in and outside of the classroom.