Saba Setegn

Saba Setegn

Saba Setegn is a third-year student from Mason, Ohio, who is majoring in finance with a minor in philosophy. She arrived at Ohio State in 2018 as a member of the Morrill Scholarship Program, a premier merit scholarship program that recognizes academically driven students who are actively engaged in diversity-based leadership, service and social justice activities.

After arriving at Ohio State, Saba changed her academic focus from actuarial science to finance. Since making that decision, she has fully immersed herself in a number of Fisher’s signature undergraduate programs. She is involved with the Fisher FIRST program, Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity and Society of Sisters, all of which she joined throughout her freshman year. These involvements helped cultivate a community for Saba and enriched her student experience.

This year, Saba joined the Honors Cohort program, which she considers to be the most rewarding part of her time at Fisher thus far. The program helped add even more value to her educational experience while increasing the support system at Fisher that helps her achieve her goals. Additionally, through Honors Cohort, Saba found an interest in working with employee engagement and is looking forward to working within human resources in future internships and professional experiences.

Internship opportunities have played key roles in Saba’s development as a Fisher student. She has served as an intern at a number of local and regional businesses, including with The Cincinnati Insurance Company, where she was an internal audit intern. During her sophomore year, Saba attended the JPMorgan Chase Launching Leaders Program, a three-day event that introduced her to the opportunities the company provided. The program eventually led to an internship in the Chase Leadership Development’s Wealth Management Program, which she completed this past summer.

Throughout her junior year, Saba reprioritized her goals as she pursued her interests in human resources and employee engagement. This summer, she will be working with Salesforce as a Global Ohana Program Intern, where she will be involved with improving the employee engagement efforts for the MuleSoft Marketing team, a subsidiary of Salesforce.

Saba’s strongest advice to first- and second-year students is to take opportunities as they come. While it is important to plan your goals, you will learn from each of your experiences.