Saarthak Gaur

Saarthak Gaur

Saarthak Gaur is a third–year student from the Columbus area, where he attended Olentangy Liberty High School. Growing up, he always felt a connection to Ohio State. Although he applied to a variety of schools, he knew Ohio State was the right choice as soon as he received his acceptance letter. As a student so far, Saarthak has made a large impact at Fisher and at Ohio State and, as the president of the Undergraduate Business Council (UBC), he is looking to make an even larger one over the next two years.

Saarthak is majoring in finance and economics and is pursuing a minor in computer science. He was always interested in finance and data and decided to pick up the double major in economics based on the positive experiences he had in each of his economics classes at Ohio State.

Saarthak got involved at Fisher early, joining UBC as a first-year representative. Throughout his freshman year, Saarthak wanted to experience many of the opportunities that Fisher and Ohio State offered. He attended many student organization meetings with the goal of determining where his passions and interests were.

During his sophomore year, Saarthak further focused his interests to his co-curricular activities. He got involved with Undergraduate Student Government at Ohio State and served as a Fisher Peer Mentor. He also discovered an interest in consulting, which led him to join Students Consulting for Nonprofits, a student organization. Currently, Saarthak is a part of the Honors Cohort program and is interested in refining his leadership skills. As president of UBC, he hopes to have a lasting impact at Fisher by uniting the college community and its many organizations.

Professionally, Saarthak is interested in healthcare and the large impact it can have on many. He interned this past summer with HealthPlan Data Solutions, a startup where he worked with databases and was a project manager on a number of teams. The experience taught him to be self-reliant and to better himself in a variety of ways, even when he wasn’t working directly with his teams.

Saarthak discovered his passions and interests through many programs and organizations at Ohio State. As a leader, he wants to provide other students with the same experiences and opportunities to discover theirs.