Ruby Xun

Unlike many graduating seniors at Fisher, Ruby Xun began her college career as a Hoosier at Indiana University. As a freshman in Bloomington, Indiana, Ruby joined IU’s chapter of Phi Chi Theta and was involved in its Business Honors Community. While she has significant respect for the Kelley School of Business and its students, she grew to appreciate the humility, work ethic, and well-roundedness of the student body at Ohio State and the opportunities that existed at Fisher. Ultimately, Ruby transferred and began her time as a Buckeye as a first-semester sophomore.

She credits her Phi Chi Theta connection for introducing her to some of her first friends and mentors in the Ohio State community; the organization has remained one of her most meaningful ways of getting involved at Fisher — she even served as the chapter’s pledge educator. Additionally, Ruby has spent time as part of Alpha Phi, Fisher Emerging Consultants, Students Consulting for Non-Profits and the Fisher Mentorship Program.

As a marketing major, she’s enjoyed internships that blend creativity and business; she was a private label marketing intern with Speedway, where she was responsible for Speedway-branded packaged goods and products. She also was a merchandising intern with Abercrombie & Fitch, which sparked her initial interest in fashion.

Ruby has also been drawn to consulting thanks to various touchpoints with the industry through friends and connections. The appeal of changing environments, working with different people and the chance to focus on issues that matter to her, such as sustainability in the supply chain, are strong draws to consulting. She has accepted a full-time offer as an analyst with Accenture in its Columbus office. Her advice to other transfer students is to get involved immediately, as the university has so much to offer; she encourages students to find at least one group or organization and to stick with it. It can totally transform and enrich your experience, she says.

One of Ruby’s biggest projects as a senior has been starting her own business and developing as a student entrepreneur. She and her co-founder participated in the Best of Student Startups (BOSS) competition, in which they participated in a series of workshops to develop a brand, marketing strategy, operations, and ultimately a pitch. Ruby’s startup earned second place as well as funding at the autumn competition. Ruby is thankful for the resources provided by the Keenan Center for Entrepreneurship that enable students to develop real world entrepreneurial and start-up skills while in college.