Rachel Goldstein

Rachel Goldstein grew up in Mentor, a suburb outside of Cleveland, and has lived in Ohio with her parents & brother her whole life. She was initially drawn to pursuing a career in business due to a program her high school had that exposed students to a two-year curriculum in marketing & entrepreneurship. Upon evaluating her college options, she admired the diversity & opportunities that a large school had, and ultimately opted to stay in-state and attend OSU.

Rachel got involved with Fisher early, as she was a member of the Business Scholars Program and attended Fisher’s early arrival program. She was able to get connected to other business students, get acclimated, and ultimately found the transition to college life to be relatively easy. She credits her extroverted personality and excitement for meeting new people as some of the most valuable tools in branching out & making friends. Rachel joined Phi Chi Theta, a professional business fraternity, as a first semester freshman and considers it one of her most formative involvements in college, as it’s allowed her to be a member of a large cohesive & supportive group.

Rachel reflects on sophomore year as her most academically & personally challenging time in college. While enjoying leadership opportunities in PCT and SLA, she struggled to find balance between her involvements, a social life, Fisher core academics, and part time jobs with the Owens Group and Connecting Grounds. A major learning experience was taking time to meet with professors one-on-one, and relearn how to most effectively study college material.

Rachel interned with the Fisher summer global internship program her sophomore summer with a PR firm in Dublin, an experience that she loved but ultimately drove her towards considering roles that focused more on brand & strategy within marketing. She had always been interested in consumer packaged goods, as it’s a sector that’s constantly innovating, and as a junior joined the CPG industry immersion. Rachel interned within brand marketing at Smucker, and will be joining full-time with Hershey after graduation.

Senior year has been a time for reflection and introspection for many, and upon looking back on her college experiences, Rachel is thankful for the many friends she made in and out of Fisher, and the skills she’s developed in growing and maintaining those friendships, particularly when separated by distance. As a senior, she’s spent her time working in ULEO as a Peer Impact Consultant, a role in which she’s able to give back to Fisher through mentorship and consulting appointments with underclassmen. She enjoys getting to hear people’s experiences, offer guidance, and interact with friends & staff in the office.

Advice Rachel would give to freshmen? Of course, get involved: find organizations that make you feel at home socially, and find groups that challenge you professionally & intellectually. But always focus on finding balance, which includes potentially saying no to certain things and instead focusing on the depth of experiences rather than breadth.