Eva Fischer

Eva Fisher

Eva Fischer is a first-year student from Madeira, Ohio, who began her academic career at Fisher as a fully virtual student. Knowing that her first year would be different because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Eva wanted to create a community for fellow virtual students to connect before returning to campus in their second year. She created the Virtual First-Year Community (VFYC), which provides a space for online, first-year students to connect through virtual social events. 

The younger sister of a Buckeye, Eva remembers attending Ohio State’s Sibs & Kids weekend, taking part in a campus tour, where she learned about the Public Affairs major and experiencing the many opportunities the university offers.

She began classes this fall as a John Gerlach Medalist Scholar, a full-tuition scholarship based on her academic accomplishments. Eva is double-majoring in business and also public affairs, with the goal of working in public policy or in the nonprofit sector. 

After enrolling this fall, Eva joined the Undergraduate Business Women’s Association, HeforShe, and Business for Good. She is grateful for the opportunities available to her as a student at Ohio State. Even as a virtual student, she has gotten involved, experienced events offered by the Ohio Union Activities Board and other organizations, and founded VFYC. 

As she progresses in her academic career, Eva hopes to build her professional network and explore ways to align her passions with her career path. Her advice to incoming first-year students is to put yourself out there and reach out to people for help, as there are plenty of people at Ohio State who are eager to help students accomplish their goals and aspirations.