WHAT IS IslamicTimer?

IslamicTimer is a software package consisting of programs for generating Islamic (Hijri) Calendars, translating Gregorian/Julian dates to/from dates in the Islamic Calendar, computing prayer time schedules, and for determining the direction of the Qiblah. It also includes a prayers time reminder/notification service.

The latest version, Release 2.1 (8/94), of the IslamicTimer software package runs on both DOS and UNIX platforms. This maintenance release includes a couple of very minor fixes and a number of enhancement. The software is fairly portable and it should compile and run on both UNIX and DOS platforms (DOS executables are included in the DOS distribution). A Windows version is planned.

All the programs are Copyrighted. Permission for nonprofit use and redistribution of the software and its documentation is granted without fee. Please send your comments, suggestions, fixes to me at


The package is distributed in two forms: (1) a shar (shell archive) file named "ITimer21.shar" for UNIX; and (2) a self-extracting ZIP archive file named "ITimer21.exe" for DOS.

Step 1. Retrieve the distribution file you want

Step 2. Unpack the package.

  • On machines running UNIX:
    To unpack the UNIX distribution file (ITimer21.shar), simply type the following UNIX command:
          sh ITimer21.shar
  • On machines running DOS:
    To unpack the DOS distribution file (ITimer21.exe), type the following command at your DOS prompt:
          itimer21 -d

This will extract the source files and documentation into a directory called ITimer21. "cd" to it and read the instructions on how to install/use the software.


Waleed A. Muhanna