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Microsoft Access Tutorials: On-line version

Table of Contents 8. Combo Box Controls
1. Introduction to Microsoft Access 9. Advanced Forms
2. Tables 10. Parameter Queries
3. Relationships 11. Action Queries
4. Basic Queries Using QBE 12. An Introduction to Visual Basic
5. Basic Queries using SQL 13. Event-Driven Programming Using Macros
6. Creating Basic Forms 14. Data Access Objects
7. Subforms 15. Advanced Triggers

Support files for the tutorials (you will need these files to complete the tutorials)

univ0_v2.mdb (zipped)

univ0_v7.mdb (zipped)

Tutorial file for users of Access version 2.0 and Access Version 7.0
depts.xls (zipped) Department information to import
inventor.xls (zipped) Inventory information to import

Microsoft Access Tutorials: Self-contained package




These compressed files include all the PDF tutorial files plus the index files and directories required for full-text search. Each file is small enough to fit on a 1.44 MB floppy disk.
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  • run install.bat to extract the files and index directories.

Microsoft Access Tutorials: Print-only version

2up.pdf Print-only version: The tutorials are combined into one PDF file and formatted in "2-up" mode (two pages of content per piece of paper). The hypertext links do not work in this document--it is intended for printing only. Note that the images print best on a PostScript printer. Results are less certain using non-PS printers.


These tutorials were created using Adobe FrameMaker 5 for Windows 95/NT. Each chapter was printed as a separate PostScript file and Adobe Acrobat Distiller was used to convert the PS files to PDF. Acrobat Catalog was used to create the index. The screen shots were done with Corel PhotoPaint.

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