Nicholas G. Hall




Useful Links

Here is the homepage of INFORMS, the leading scientific and professional society for operations research and management science (with over 11,000 members), of which I am Vice President for Membership and Professional Recognition (through December 2003).

Here is the homepage of Manufacturing and Service Operations Management,,  a scientific and professional society with over 1,000 members, of which I am a Past President (1999-2000).

Here is the homepage of Ohio Steel, a state industrial council of which I am a past member  and Education Committee Chairman (1997-2002).

Information about Approximately Annual Scheduling Dinners.

The definitive source for operations research information, compiled by Professor Michael Trick, Carnegie-Mellon University.

I am a faculty member in the Department of Management Sciences.

The Department of Management Sciences is part of the Fisher College of Business.

The Fisher College of Business is part of
The Ohio State University