William F. Bentz

Professor of Accounting & MIS

Fisher College of Business
450 Fisher Hall
2100 Neil Avenue
Columbus, OH 43210

 Phone: (614) 292-4101 
FAX: (614) 292-2118 
E-mail: (Bentz.1@osu.edu)
Professor Bentz joined The Ohio State University faculty as Department Chair in 1988. Formerly, he served on the faculties at the University of Kansas (1968-75) and the University of Oklahoma (1975-88). At Oklahoma, Professor Bentz was Director of the School of Accounting, Interim Dean and Associate Dean of the College of Business Administration. His scholarly interests are varied, with a primary emphasis on financial decision models and their related information needs. 

  • Ph.D., The Ohio State University, 1969
  • M.Acc., The Ohio State University, 1965
  • B.A., Economics, University of Cincinnati, 1962

Selected Publications:
  • "Reciprocal Cost Allocation Model: Extensions and Implications," (with Rajendra P. Srivastava), Indian Journal of Accounting, 24, (June 1993), 22-35.
  • (with Michael A. Diamond and Jan R. Williams) Accounting Administrator's Handbook: A Guide for Managing Innovation an Change in Accounting Programs, (New York: Price Waterhouse, 1991).
  • "Accounting Accreditation: Change and Transition," (with Allen R. Bailey), Issues in Accounting Education, 6, (Fall 1991), 168-177.
  • "Computer Extended Reciprocal Allocation Methods," The Accounting Review, 54, (July 1979), 595-603.
  • "Sensitivity Analysis with Interaction Effects," (with Lawrence A. Sherr and Robert E. Miller) Decision Sciences, 7, (July 1976), 432-446.
  • "Learning Transfer in Professional Education and Training for Accounting," The Accounting Review, (April 1975), 370-379.
  • "Input-Output Analysis for Cost Accounting, Planning and Control: A Proof," The Accounting Review, (April 1973), 377-380.

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