At the core of any financial officer's career is creating value for the firm. This involves several activities, including design and implementation of financial policies and regulations; execution of financial plans; management of financial resources; and finally, communication and interaction with investors and the financial community overall.

In the Finance specialization, you will gain a broad understanding of the principles of finance; the use of quantitative techniques; and the application of these techniques to financial decision making. You will have ample opportunities to meet with senior executives who work in the financial services industry.

Course offerings

Base courses (for all finance tracks)
  • FIN 7210 - Corporate Financial Management I (Valuation, Capital Structure, Securities Issuance)
  • FIN 7220 - Investment Management I (Securities Valuation, Asset Pricing Models)
  • FIN 7230 - Derivatives I (Options and Futures)
Corporate Finance track courses
  • FIN 7212 - Corporate Financial Management II
    (Governance, Corporate Control, Mergers and Acquisitions)
  • FIN 7213 - Corporate Financial Management. III (Restructuring, Distress, Bankruptcy)
  • FIN 7214 - Corporate Financial Management IV (Capstone)
  • FIN 7260 - Financial Institutions
Investments track courses
  • FIN 7222 - Investment Management II (Fixed Income, Credit Risk)
  • FIN 7225 - Student Investment Management (3.0 credit hours)
Risk Management track courses
  • FIN 7222 - Investment Management II (Fixed Income, Credit Risk)
  • FIN 7260 - Financial Institutions
  • FIN 7291 - Enterprise Risk Management II (Applied Risk Management, Capstone)
  • AMIS 7200 - Corporate Financial Reporting I
  • AMIS 7220 - Financial Statement Analysis I
  • FIN 7221 - Financial Modeling
  • FIN 7240 - Real Estate I (Planing, Development, Property Management)
  • FIN 7241 - Real Estate II (Valuation, Financing)
  • FIN 7250 - International Finance
  • FIN 7280 - Legal Business Issues

Action-based learning

Warren Buffett with WP-MBA student

Fisher MBAs have the unique opportunity to meet and learn from business leaders such as Warren Buffet and Silicon Valley venture capitalists.

Our MBA students have traveled to Omaha, Nebraska to meet Buffett four times in recent years.

During the latest visit to Berkshire Hathaway’s corporate headquarters, the business leader and philanthropist engaged in conversation with the students, giving advice on how to handle complex business problems and encouraging them to pursue philanthropic endeavors. Read more and view photos.

Fisher Tax Clinic video preview - press play to watch video

Manage a $20 million dollar portion of Ohio State University's endowment as well as visit the New York and Chicago financial markets as a part of the Student Investment Management (SIM) program.

Student portfolio managers monitor the SIM program's holding and spend a semester researching recommendations to help grow the fund. 

Learn more about the SIM program and view its current portfolio.

Social Media

  • Corporate Mentor Program video - press play to watch video
    JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon visits Fisher

    During his visit to Fisher, Jamie Dimon talked to MBA students about leadership success, the financial industry and the global economy in addition to answering students' questions.