An application for graduation needs to be submitted one year prior to your anticipated graduation.

Applications are online  To submit graduation applications go to:

If doing a minor, please prepare an electronic copy of the minor form to upload to the graduation application before applying. Only graduation applications with an attached minor form will have the minor included on the application as well as the academic record. See forms below for more information on minor forms.

No new applications for graduation will be accepted after the first day of the second session of your semester of graduation.

To receive graduating seniors' priority scheduling, applications should be turned in by the fourth Friday of the term.

Graduation Term Turn in Application Scheduling Priority Deadline
SU 17 SU 16 For terms SP 17 & SU 17 apply by September 16, 2016
AU 17 AU 16 For terms AU 17 & SP 17 apply by September 16, 2016
SP 18 SP 17 For terms AU 17 & SP 18, apply by February 3, 2017


If you will be graduating with a minor, use the minor planning form or submit an approved form from the department granting the minor. Some minors require a department signature; see the form for details. Also go to the following website for specific information about your minor and if a signature is needed: 

Submit this form at the same time as your Application for Graduation. 

If you will not be attending Commencement, complete this form at least four weeks before your graduation date.

Questions? Contact

  • Year Prior

    2-3 semesters before graduation

    Turn in an application for Baccalaureate Degree. This application will be reviewed and you will receive feedback on your academic plan to complete degree requirements.

  • Final Term

    Your record will be audited the week before classes start. If there are any problems or issues that will hold up your graduation, you will be notified by e-mail. This allows you to make any scheduling changes the first week of classes.

    Weeks 6-8

    Your application will once again be audited. If there are any remaining problems, you will be notified that your application has been pulled from the commencement list. Please contact Terri Hoying by e-mail at if you believe there is discrepancy or if you are able to fix your problem.

    Week 11

    A binder will be placed at the front desk of 120 Schoenbaum Hall with your name, major, hometown, and possible honors (Final honors decisions are made when all classes are completed and grades turned in) for you to review. If there is any  information that is not correct let the college office know by filling out the e-forms provided.

    Do not change your name in the binder - it may not get noticed. All name changes need to be done a the Student Services Building on Lane Avenue.

    Week 12

    You will be receiving your graduation instruction this week.

    Week 14

    Fill out an absence form if you are unable to attend the commencement by Friday of this week. Forms are available online at this website or