Pre-Orientation: Pre-Business and Admission to Major

Students in the College of Business fall into one of two categories:

  • Pre-Business: Student has met the initial academic criteria to be assigned to the College of Business as a Pre-Business student, but still must complete certain requirements in order to make application to the major and an area of specialization.
  • Business Major: Student has successfully completed application requirements, has submitted an application and been admitted to the Major and an area of specialization. University Honors students are admitted to the major program at orientation.
Application to Major

Pre-Business students should keep in mind that the application period for admission to the BSBA major program is twice per year. Application deadlines are as follows:

  • Autumn admission: June 1
  • Spring admission: September 15
  • Summer admission: January 31

Please visit the Admissions page to view application criteria. Also note that this information will be revisited in greater detail during the first semester via your BUSADM 1100 course.

First Semester Course Requirements

Your first semester schedule will look very similar to the following structure, depending upon your Math placement score and whether you have already earned some college credit.

BUSADM 1100 1 credit hour
Math course (Depending upon placement) 4/5 credit hours
Gen Ed course 3 credit hours
Gen Ed course 3 credit hours
ECON 2001.01 3 credit hours
5 courses14-15 credit hours

We highly encourage you to schedule no more than 14-15 hours for your first semester, as this is a transition semester from high school to a university system and culture.

Recommended Study Time

Theoretically, in order to obtain at least a "C" average in coursework students should study at least two hours outside of class for every hour in class.

BUSADM 1100 1 credit hour x 2hours = 2 hours
Math 4/5 credit hours x 2hours = 8 or 10 hours
Gen Ed course 3 credit hours x 2hours = 6 hours
Gen Ed course 3 credit hours x 2hours = 6 hours
Economics 3 credit hours x 2hours = 6 hours
14-15 credit hours= 28-30 hrs of weekly study

Learn more about math requirements