Pre-Orientation: Math Requirements

Math is a critical part of the BSBA curriculum. In order to apply to and succeed at Fisher College of Business, students are required to take Math their first semester. If you have taken your Math Placement Exam and have your score then you can use the following chart to help determine which math course you will take your first semester. During your academic overview session, the academic advising staff can assist you with further questions.

There are two math series that we accept in the Fisher College of Business. Your math placement score (or AP credit) will determine where you will begin in the series. Depending on their score, some students may have an option between the two series.

Students are encouraged to take the higher math series if one or more of the following apply:

  • Enjoy math
  • Have a strong math background
  • Are a Business Honors student
  • Are considering graduate study
  • Are considering taking coursework that requires a stronger math background, such as Actuarial Science, Computer Science and Engineering, Econometrics, or Statistics
Placement ScoreDescriptionBegin Math Series With...
L Calculus 1131 or 1151 or 1161*
M Pre-calculus 1130 or 1150 (1131/1151 by permission)
N College Algebra 1130 or 1148
R Intermediate Algebra 1075
S Elementary Algebra 1075
T Elementary Algebra 1050

* Honors students may take 1181H or 4181H with permission from a math counselor

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