On the first day of orientation, you will be introduced to your Academic Advisors in the Undergraduate Programs Office Fisher College of Business. Advisors will help answer questions and address concerns that you may have prior to attending your first day of classes. You will be assigned to an academic advisor that will work with you throughout your academic career here at The Ohio State University.

An Academic Advisor will:

  • Advise undergraduate students pursuing a degree in business
  • Assist in planning academic strategies to match career goals
  • Serve as a referral agent to other University Resources, both academic and co-curricular
  • Help students understand their role and responsibilities as a representative of The Ohio State University
  • Teach BUSADM 1100, a survey course for incoming freshman and transfer students
  • Help ease transition into The Ohio State University

In addition to having an academic advisor, you will also have a Peer Advisor. A Peer Advisor will:

  • Assist academic advisors with teaching BUSADM 1100
  • Assist with academic planning and provide information about resources, activities & organizations
  • Help facilitate transition to the university by sharing academic and extracurricular information from a student perspective
  • Hold office hours weekly to meet with first- year and transfer students

Before you arrive...