Health Care Cluster

Offering students hands-on training in a specific industry and face-to-face interaction with top industry professionals, the Health Care Cluster is taught by business professionals and an expert Fisher Senior Lecturer and Faculty Coordinator:  Dr. Mrinalini Gadkari.

Leading practitioners in the field of health care will share their expertise, address up-to-the-minute issues facing businesses today, and look to students to provide real-world solutions. Complementing this action-learning format will be a series of lectures designed to provide students with the breadth and depth of knowledge that they will need to succeed.

In Autumn Semester, students will meet one evening per week.  In Spring Semester, students should expect to meet one evening per week as well. However, because students will be completing projects, they should be aware that there will be an additional time commitment outside of that one evening.  Projects will involve working with company and organizational project coordinators. Sponsoring companies may aid in the implementation and evaluation of these projects.

This is an academic program with expectations. There will be exams, outside readings, projects and assignments. Students in this class should be aware that there will be several required learning opportunities outside of class time. These events include, but are not limited to: the Kick-Off Event, field trips, networking, etc.

Course Sequence and Syllabi

Introduction to Health Care:  Foundations and Understanding

Autumn - 2 semester hours

Course syllabus

This course is the first in a 2-course sequence where students will get an overview of the US healthcare system. Students will learn about the history of health care, finance and payment structure, health care operations focused on provide safe, reliable and cost effective care, manufacturing and delivery of pharmaceuticals and supplies, manufacturing and delivery of product that help people with disabilities, physician involvement, health care IT, and explore various careers in the health care industry.

Introduction to Health Care Industry: Projects in Health Care

Spring - 3 semester hours

Course syllabus

The second course in the Health Care Cluster (pre-requisite: Introduction to Health Care: Foundations and Understanding) will be devoted to team projects for businesses representing the field of health care.  The culmination of the course will consist of a final presentation by each team to the host company of the project.

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In Their Words

  • I would recommend the Cluster Program to other students because I think it provides a unique opportunity. There are few classes or campus clubs that allow students to interact with some of the top CEOs in a variety of organizations. I would also suggest that students enroll in a cluster that maybe they are interested in, but may not know a whole lot about. This program is an opportunity to learn about what you may want to pursue upon graduation. 

    Robin Kraus
    2013-14 Heathcare Cluster