Students will receive instruction and be expected to demonstrate mastery of the following business management skills: accounting, finance, leadership & organizational behavior, marketing, and statistical data analysis.

In addition to business skills, the curriculum provides students with a thorough understanding of supply chain management concepts in facility/warehouse design, logistics management, logistics systems analysis & design, project management, and transportation management.

Course Offerings

The Master of Science in Business Logistics program comprises 48 term-hours of course work. Students meet three days a month for each term and work on individual and group assignments between meetings.

1st Term
2nd Term
3rd Term
4th Term
Accounting and Financial Analysis for Decision Making Analysis and Design of Logistics Systems Field Problems in Logistics
Strategic Marketing
Statistics and Data Analysis for Managers Leadership and Organizational Behavior Logistics Decision Making
Supply Chain Management
Logistics Management Process Analysis and Improvement
Elective I Elective


Elective Courses

Disciplinary/specialty elective classes in the curriculum will include two courses to be chosen by each class based on their interest and the needs of the Army Reserve Medical Command.

Logistics and Operations Track Electives
Transportation Management Logistics Software and Technology
Logistics Software and Technology Six Sigma Projects
Warehouse Design Army Reserve Medical Command Contracting
Army Reserve Medical Command General Fund Enterprise Business System Army Reserve Medical Command Global Command and Control System-Army