Master of Science in Business Logistics (SMB-L)

Today’s Army faces many of the same challenges present in the civilian business sector: budget reductions, global operations, increasing consumer demands, and rapid advances in technology. Soldiers must be prepared to handle each of these challenges simultaneously. 

As a result, Army logisticians have dual needs for the logistics management education offered by Fisher's Master of Science in Business Logistics (SMB-L). One is to increase the capabilities of the Army logistician, and the other is to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of Army Logistics.

Exclusive Degree Program for the Army Reserve Medical Command

Army Reserve Medical Command personnel who take part in the SMB-L proram will develop management skills crucial for the analysis, design, and deployment of supply chain solutions that take advantage of market opportunities while minimizing inefficiencies and risk.

Students will be well prepared for increased responsibilities in the administrative and operational areas of the Medical Services and Quartermaster branches supporting the Army Reserve Medical Command and U.S. Army Reserve.

In addition to promotional opportunities within the Army Reserve Medical Command and U.S. Army Reserve, students will receive educational skills that will allow them to successfully obtain managerial positions in the civilian employment sector of the supply chain. Typical areas of employment for students will be in the areas of industrial engineering, logistics management, operations management, and transportation management.


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