Faculty Expertise

Department Chair
  Name Expertise
  Kenneth K. Boyer E-commerce Operations, Healthcare operations, Operations Strategy, Technology Management, 
Full-Time Faculty
  Name Expertise
  W.C. Benton Jr. Economics of cardiovascular surgery, Health care performance issues, Inventory management, Manufacturing planning and control, Purchasing and materials management, Supply chain management
  Elliot Bendoly Collaboration and group dynamics, Operations strategy and IT alignment, Work policies, task complexity and uncertainty
  Gary Butler Lean methodology, Manufacturing management, Quality assurance
  Aravind Chandrasekaran Knowledge management, Learning issues in health-care delivery, Managing exploration and exploitation tensions and ambidexterity, Multilevel issues in operations management, Product and process innovation
  Nathan Craig Inventory finance, Retail operations management, Supply chain coordination, Supply chain management
  Mark A. Christobek Business statistics and analytics, Project management, Six Sigma principles
Cheryl Dickerson Healthcare operations leadership, operations strategy, process improvement
  Steven M. Dickstein Advertising and promotion, International business development, Operations management
  John Draper Lean management system, Lean office, Six Sigma methodology
  Gökçe Esenduran Closed-loop supply chain management, Distribution channels, Environmental regulations, Extended producer responsibility, Operations marketing interface, Sustainable operations management
  Mrinalini Gadkari Change management, Conflict management, Process improvement (Lean and Six Sigma) in health-care and service industries, Team facilitation techniques
  John Gray Antecedents and consequences of outsourcing, offshoring and reshoring, Managing quality across organizational and geographic boundaries, Relationship between organizational and geographic boundaries and quality risk, Sustaining quality performance over time
  Nicholas G. Hall Applications of operations research to health care, Applications of operations research to sports, Energy modeling, Pricing, Project management, Scheduling, Supply chain incentives, Tactical control decisions in manufacturing
  James A. Hill Jr. Behavioral contracts, Operations planning and control, Process industires, Supply chain management
  Terry Klinker Lean and Six Sigma, Operations strategy, Project management
  Steve Lundregan Change leadership, Innovation, Operations strategy, Service operations management, Strategy formulation, Strategy management
  Peg Pennington Lean management system, Lean office, Six Sigma methodology
  Andrea M. Prud'homme Logistics and operations, Operations management and quality improvement, Production and operations management
  M. Johnny Rungtusanatham Buyer-supplier relationship, Mass customization, Operations strategy, Process analysis, Quality improvement
  David A. Schilling Distribution systems, Facility location decisions, Optimization and simulation modeling, Supply chain management analysis and design
  Bonnie Schroeder  
  Mike Tanner Implementation of lean tools in operations, Turnaround of manufacturing operations for quality and productivity, Training of operations managers
  David Veech Lean systems, People development, Problem solving
  Peter T. Ward Benchmarking, Lean manufacturing, Managing technology, Operations strategy, Reengineering operations