Faculty Expertise

Department Chair
  Name Expertise
  J. Richard Dietrich Accounting, Capital markets, Disclosures, Financial reporting, Sarbanes-Oxley
Full-Time Faculty
  Anil Arya Accounting, Management control systems, Information economics
  Anne L. Beatty Debt contracting, Bank capital regulation
  Sam Bonsall Information intermediaries; Corporate disclosure; Off-balance sheet transactions
  Zahn Bozanic Debt Contracting, Corporate Disclosure
  John C. Fellingham Accounting, Capital investments, Cost accounting, Information economics
  Sophia Hamm Capital Markets; Disclosure, Information Asymmetry, Cost of Capital; Index Trading; Information intermediaries
  Jeffrey L. Hoopes Corporate taxation, Financial disclosure
  Stephanie Lewis  Federal taxation, Business valuation
  Brian Mittendorf How incentives influence and are influenced by accounting practices
  Waleed Muhanna Database design and management, Decision making and support, e-Commerce, Information technology, Optimization and simulation, Systems analysis and design, IT strategy
  Prakash R. Mulchandani Accounting, Cost accounting, Managerial accounting
  Darren T. Roulstone Capital markets, Insider trading, Analyst following, Institutional investors
  Douglas A. Schroeder Accounting
  Marc Smith Accounting
  Eric E. Spires Accounting, Auditing, Decision making and support
  Xiaoli Tian Corporate disclosure; Financial research in taxation; Research Methodology
  Lawrence A. Tomassini Accounting, auditing, Decision making and support, Financial reporting, Financial statement analysis
  Cynthia W. Turner Accounting information systems, Diversity issues in accounting, Financial accounting, Managerial accounting
  Patrick A. Turner Accounting, Auditing, Financial reporting
  Andrew Van Buskirk Capital Markets, Disclosures, Financial Reporting, Securities Regulation and Litigation
  David E. Wallin Accounting, Auditing, Disclosures, Fraudulent reporting
  Xue Wang Corporate Governance; Executive Compensation; Securities Regulation; Global Capital Market
  David D. Williams Accounting, Auditing, Auditing firms, Corporate governance
  Richard A. Young Accounting, Experimental economics
  Tzachi Zach Financial reporting and disclosure, Accounting for structured transactions, Earnings quality
  Haiwen (Helen) Zhang Disclosure and financial accounting reporting, Economic consequence of accounting choices