Common Questions and Answers about the PhD Program

Do you have a part-time PhD program? Can I continue to work while attending the PhD program? Can I commute from a different city to the program?

NO. It is not possible to work outside of the program, as this will reduce your focus and effectiveness in the program. Courses are not offered in a manner that can accommodate diverse schedules or competing demands on your time. We require complete commitment to the program.

Do you have a distance PhD program?

NO. You have to be on campus for all activities related to the PhD program.

My goal is to become a full-time consultant or work in private companies. Is this right program for me?

NO. Our program is designed to develop students’ ability to conduct top-class and highly publishable research. Thus, the goal of our program is to train students for academic positions in universities.

What qualifications are you looking for in applicants to the PhD program?

In general, we are looking for students who are capable of understanding the deep knowledge of the field and who can ultimately conduct and publish high-quality research in top academic journals that adds important new insights to the field. Thus, we consider prior academic performance, GMAT or GRE scores, as well as analytical capability. Each component of the application aids us in making judgments about the applicant’s suitability for our program.

Can the GRE or GMAT scores be waived if I already have a masters degree?

NO. We never waive these scores, as we consider them to be a vital component of the application. If you have taken either the GRE or GMAT exam more than five years earlier, you will need to retake it.

Can any other part of the application be waived under certain conditions?

In order to be considered for the PhD program, you must submit all required components of the application. However, the TOEFL exam score may be waived if you can prove that you have been educated in an English-speaking country.

Is there a minimum GRE or GMAT score that is required for admission into the program?

We do not specify a minimum score. Even so, do remember that the admission process into the PhD program is a competitive process. Scores representing higher percentiles will be more desirable in deciding admission.

Is it necessary to have a masters degree before entering the program?

No, although desirable, it is not necessary to have a masters degree.

If admitted, what is the likelihood of students receiving financial support?

We typically provide a full fellowship to admitted students that covers both tuition and living expenses.