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The Fisher College of Business faculty is nationally and internationally recognized. Rankings place departments within the top 10 or 20 nationally. Our faculty is not only committed to excellence in research and teaching - winning prestigious awards in both - but is also deeply involved with the business community. Chaired professors spend much of their time mentoring and working one-on-one with doctoral students. In addition, the college's strong emphasis on teaching has resulted in numerous university and national teaching awards for both our faculty and doctoral students.

  • The accounting faculty ranks in the top 20 in editorial board membership of the top accounting journals
  • A recent Journal of Finance update study ranks the finance faculty sixth out of over 300 finance departments in term of total publications (1992 and 1996) weighted by "importance impact."
  • A recent Journal of Financial Education study rated the influence of more than 2,500 research papers from authors affiliated with more than 325 business schools in the United States and Canada. Fisher College faculty rank at or near the top in total influence for each of the the five areas rated:

    Money and Term Structure- No. 1.
    Financial Institutions- No. 5.
    Financial Markets- No. 8.
    Corporate Finance- No. 11.
    General Finance- No. 18.

  • A University of Utah study ranking production and operations management (POM) departments examined 237 schools and 783 authors during the period 1989 and 1993. Ohio State's program ranked second for quantity and first for quality. Professor W.C. Benton was ranked first out of 723 for productivity and ninth among all authors. Four other POM faculty ranked within the top 100 authors.
  • In a Society for Consumer Psychology analysis of research productivity measured by the number of publications in the top-tier marketing journals between 1989 and 1994, the Fisher College marketing faculty was ranked one of the top five departments in the country.

With its excellent faculty and research programs, the Fisher College of Business is a premier school for training doctoral students for careers in teaching and business research.

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