Outstanding Facilities and Teaching Resources

Innovative Teaching Methods

The Ohio State University and the Fisher College have committed significant financial support to training Ph.D. students how to teach. The college offers a course on teaching methods and techniques specifically designed for Fisher College doctoral students. Teaching assistantships offer new students a chance to work as assistants to faculty members and, as skills are developed, to gain greater course responsibility.

State-of-the Art facilities

The Fisher College complex is located at the northern entrance to the University's main campus and consists of five academic buildings with nearly 370,000 square feet of space. The largest multi-building project ever undertaken by The Ohio State University in its history is one of the few fully integrated business education campuses in the nation.

In August 1998 Fisher and Gerlach Hall opened "for business." Fisher Hall, the faculty and administrative building, houses offices for faculty, graduate associates, and administrative staff. Gerlach Hall, the graduate programs building, houses offices for graduate programs and career management as well as classrooms; seminar and breakout rooms; the Bank One Graduate Student Lounge; the Batten Investment Laboratory with a viewing area for visitors; a communications lab; a computer lab; offices for graduate assistants; and student activity rooms.

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