Nina Karnaukh joined Fisher in 2017. During 2015-2017, she was a visiting scholar at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. She earned her Ph.D. in Finance from the University of St. Gallen. Her thesis on exchange rates, monetary policy, and liquidity got the prize for the best dissertation in PhD Program in Economics and Finance in 2017. She also holds a Bachelor and Master Degree in Computer Science from the Kyiv Polytechnic University.

In her research, Nina Karnaukh is aiming to understand (1) how different asset markets incorporate information, (2) what is the role of monetary policy and macroeconomics for asset prices, (3) what are common and indosyncratic price determinants for currency, bond, and stock markets.

Areas of Expertise


  • Asset Pricing



  • BUSFIN 4255 - International Finance

    The goal is to provide a framework for making financial decisions in an international context. The course is divided into three sections: 1) the international financial environment, 2) international investment analysis, and 3) international corporate finance. Students will be exposed to a broad range of topics, including some of the latest developments in global financial markets. Prereq: 4250. Prereq or concur: 4211 and 4221.