Eddie Filhart

Lecturer (SEM)

Marketing & Logistics


Senior leader in modern Sales Education and Enablement with highly unique, global experience spanning across Sales, Sales Enablement, Marketing, leading to fantastic results. Strategic and results driven leader in; coaching, facilitation skills, sales processes, sales tech stack integration, lead generation and social media selling.  Deep experience and or certified in Challenger Insight Selling, Sandler Selling, Spin Selling and Corporate Visions.


  • BUSML 4223 - Foundations of Sales and Sales Management

    Examines the basics of business-to-business professional selling and provides core sales management building blocks. Emphasizes the importance of building relationships and adding substantial value to business customers while providing a theoretical and practical overview of the selling and buying process, salesforce structure, and sales tools. Prereq: 4201, 4202, and BusMHR 2292, or equiv. Not open to students with credit for 4220 and 4221.