MyFisher provides a centrally located information for all of the college's graduate students. MyFisher provides user-specific content, such as information on current student programs, new and events, links to resources, and the master class schedule.

The Course Planning Tool within MyFisher allows graduate students to plan their courses over a term or entire academic year.


Steps toward the future

The MyFisher project vision plans for the expansion of current services to provide a centrally-located information resource (portal) for constituents of the Fisher community to include current faculty, staff, and students enabling access to up-to-date information and provide an enhanced level of service through web-based technology.

As technology systems are expanded and mature in functionality (such as the CRM, CMS, AD, Exchange, SharePoint, and Google Apps), MyFisher will be an "intranet-like" portal for delivery of personalized content that will help all audiences across the college with their jobs and outreach.