Personal Accounts Not Affiliated With FCOB

FCOB is supportive of personal social media use. FCOB would like to remind employees, however, that even when the workday ends, you still represent FCOB within the greater community.

When maintaining personal social media outlets please remember:

The Internet is permanent.
In most cases, anything you post on your social media page today is accessible for years to come, even if you remove or delete it. Think through the consequences of your posts and remember that you are legally liable for everything you post. Remember, even anonymous posts usually can be traced back to a specific IP address if needed.
Be conscious of the connections between your personal and business lives.
Online, your personal and business personas are likely to intersect. When posting, think about your audience. Something appropriate for your friends and family may not be appropriate to a work colleague. Also, remember that postings can be copied and forwarded to others.
NEVER disclose non-public information about FCOB to a social network.
Be an advocate for FCOB.
As a member of the social community, you may see posts about FCOB not posted to an official FCOB network, account, or page. If you come across positive (or negative) remarks about FCOB that you believe are important, forward them to the Office of External Relations.
Never engage in topics that may be considered an FCOB crisis.
If you see a posting that may indicate an FCOB crisis, please inform the Office of External Relations for evaluation and action. Remember, even anonymous posts usually can be tracked to IP addresses if needed.
If you identify yourself as an FCOB employee in a social medium, be sure to represent FCOB's best interests.
If necessary, use the disclaimer “The views expressed on this site are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of my employer.”