Flickr Guidelines

FLICKR showcases the photography of users and supports the creation of group pools that users can contribute and share photos with the community. Utilizing group photo pools is a great way to share Fisher College of Business photography.

The key uses of Flickr include:
  • Sharing experiences. Showcase FCOB programs, services, students, and faculty involvement with the community and each other.
  • Brand exposure. Promotes the brand and provides unique opportunities to highlight offerings in a viral way (e.g., contests).
  • Inspire participation and conversation. Encourage the community submit photos and utilize the discussion board feature (if approved to be unlocked by FCOB Office of External Relations) to share thoughts and comments.
  • Feed photo content to Fisher's website and other networks. Providing a central and user-generated repository of photography that can be RSS fed into Fisher's website, blogs, and other social media networks and tools.

Group Photo Pools are the best use of Flickr for FCOB, as these groups allow users to submit photos to the group creating "user-generated content." Users need to have personal Flickr accounts to upload photos and submit them to a group pool.

Before starting a Flickr Group Pool, you’ll need to:

  1. Establish a clear purpose and goals.

    This will help determine what type of photos will be submitted to the group and whether or not it is a type of group that will be utilized.

    1. All Flickr Group Pools must be set up by FCOB's Office of Information Technology Services, in order to streamline administration and account management.
    2. FCOB utilizes the central user account to house photo sets that generate RSS feeds for use on the college's website, blogs, and feeds.
  2. Identify the two moderators/champions.

    FCOB requires two staff and/or faculty administrators for all official FCOB Flickr Group Pools. If an administrator leaves FCOB for any reason, that administrator is required to find a replacement and contact the Office of External Relations.

  3. Name the Flickr Group Pool.

    There is a distinct naming convention for FCOB Flickr Group Pools, and Group Pools are approved if there is a defined audience and purpose/use.

    1. All FCOB photo pool URLs must begin with "osufisher-". For example, "osufisher-international" is the URL of the group aggregating international photos from students, faculty, and staff and supporting the Office of Global Business/CIBER.
    2. The name of the group must begin with "OSU Fisher" followed by the name of the group. For example, "OSU Fisher International Photos" is name of the group as referenced in letter a. above.
  4. Choose a profile photo (avatar).

    The Flickr photo appears on the group main page. Consult with the Office of External Relations to have a profile photo/graphic created.

  5. Are content creation pipelines and conversation monitoring procedures established?

    In order to sustain a Flickr Group Pool, content must be fed to the group. A marketing/communication approach needs defined and executed to drive user photo submissions; otherwise, the group will become stale and appear out-of-date.

  6. Establish Group Rules.

    A base set of rules is used for all FCOB Flickr Group Pools; additional group rules may be added relative to the group's purpose.

    1. Base set of "Group Rules"
      1. All posted photos to the group are subject to review by a moderator or administrator before being displayed.
      2. Photos must be original and taken by the posting author.
      3. Photos must not contain watermarks or distinguishing marks of the author on the image.
      4. Questionable photos (e.g. containing nudity, profanity, drugs, and any inappropriate photos as deemed by this group's moderators) may not be approved for posting to the group pool.
      5. By submitting photos to the group pool, you grant Fisher College of Business at OSU the right to publish, reproduce, and share your photo without prior permission or copyright.

Use the guidelines and chart below to understand and participate with your group members:

Keep communications professional and relevant.
Flickr submissions should be appropriate and align to the established group rules.
Help keep the photo pool current.
Flickr Group Pools should be updated often; however, a good rule of thumb is to upload photos as an administrator at least once a month if no photo submissions have come in during the month.
  1. Guide others and sign up for a personal Flickr Account to submit photos.
    Instructions below:
    1. Go to and choose "Create Your Account"
    2. A user must have a Yahoo account to use Flickr. Follow the on-screen prompts to create your Yahoo account and Flickr account.
    3. Once logged in, the user has the opportunity to use Flickr's tools and create a profile.
    4. To upload photos, choose "Upload Photos" from the main screen, or use the menu bar at the top under "You" and choose "Your Photostream." Follow the onscreen prompts to upload photos. Be sure to include a description of your photo.
    5. Join the photo group pool. For example, "OSU Fisher International Photos" group:
    6. There are two ways to submit a photo to a group's pool AFTER the user has uploaded photos to the user's personal account and joined the group.
      1. View the personal photostream and click a photo to open it. Above the photo there is a group of icons and text that are tools to modify and share the photo. Choose "Send to Group" and select the group that appears in the list. If no groups appear, you must first join a group.
      2. Visit the group's homepage and click "Add photos" in the center of the page. Then, choose the photos to share from the user's photostream. If no photos appear, photos must be uploaded to the user's personal account first.
  2. Photos will be submitted and reviewed by a Moderator or Administrator as soon as possible for posting to the group photo pool.
Maintain a professional voice.
Always post photos and moderate in such a way that upholds the best interests of Fisher College of Business. FCOB is an educational institution, and even informal communication that has errors makes us seem less credible.
Refrain from political statements and affiliations.
This includes unofficial sponsorships, promotions, and endorsements of entities and products.
NEVER disclose non-public information about FCOB.
Never post any copyrighted or other intellectual property rights of others.
This pertains to all copyrighted material, including (but not limited to) text, music, video, and software.
Do not use Flickr for any illegal activity
Or any other activity that does not represent FCOB's best interests.
Refrain from behavior that interferes with the rights of others and the duties of FCOB.
Do not use profane, obscene, or abusive language, including racial or ethnic epithets.
Do not harass users
With deliberate, repeated behavior that is intimidating, hostile, offensive, or adversely impacts FCOB social media users.
Contact the Office of External Relations with questions.

Individual units will work out basic processes as part of the process to implement the social media tool. It is strongly encouraged that additional processes and responsibilities are documented within the unit for communicating content and with regard to how posting and moderating decisions are made.