Comment & Posting Response Protocol

As social technologies are utilized by organizations to allow participation/comments and people around the world become more familiar and comfortable communicating through social networking tools, Fisher recognizes that taking part in others' conversations and participating in social networks are decisions that need to be made on a case-by-case basis.

Evaluating items such as context, impact, resources, appropriateness, and value-gained case-by-case is required to determine the appropriate type of response or determining if a response is even warranted.

Who Responds

The question of who is responsible for responding to comments, postings, etc. can vary based on the type of communication, media outlet, or owner/moderator of an initiative/network.


Timing of a Response

There are many types of monitoring capabilities/tools and people who come across conversations, articles, and posts that mention Fisher College of Business. Depending on when a comment or post is found, the timing of the discovery may influence how fast the evaluation process takes place.

Comment And Response Protocol Chart