Code of Conduct

Fisher College of Business (FCOB) is represented in a myriad of social media outlets, including (but not limited to), LinkedIn, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Ning, etc. We ask that all users (both employed by the University and not employed by the University) maintain professionalism and honesty in your posts to any FCOB social media outlet.

Having conversations with people about topics and events is pretty normal. The phenomenon of having conversations with people so others can read what is being said and even participate is possible through social technology. Having conversations and responding to others online requires even more thought and process than having personal conversations and working through others' feelings in person, because the conversation is readable and spreadable by many others (not to mention searchable!).

Please review the code of conduct below:

Be respectful of people and organizations.
Users are free to discuss topics and disagree with one another. However, please refrain from behavior that interferes with the rights of others. Do not use profane, obscene, or abusive language, including racial, or ethnic epithets.
Do not harass users for their opinions.
With deliberate, repeated behavior that is intimidating, hostile, offensive, or adversely impacts FCOB social media users.
Be a valued member and accountable.
Think about what you post before you do it. Whether your post is positive or negative, you should provide valuable insight to a topic.
Be open and honest.
Always identify who you are. Always post factual and insightful information. Don’t spam other users or engage in "advertising" agreements.
Do not post any copyrighted or other intellectual property rights of others.
This pertains to all copyrighted material, including (but not limited) to text, music, video, and software.
Do not use social media for any illegal activity.
Or any other activity that does not represent FCOB's best interests.