Assessing Performance

FCOB will use quantitative measures such as web analytics statistics and number of posts and comments, in addition to qualitative measures such as observations, personal feedback, and interviews. Usability, marketing and awareness, learning and value, and participation will primarily determine success.

Questions that explore experiences might include:
  • What worked? What didn’t?
  • What were your challenges?
  • Where improvements can be made?
  • Did participation add value to your unit's goals and/or the objectives of the campaign?


Sample Criteria for Determining Effectiveness of Social Media Tools

CategoryCriteriaPerformance Levels
Content Organization of thoughts, use of interesting details, frequency of postings and information

Excellent: Consistently maintains content focus, adding interesting details, updates more often than recommended for the specific social media tool/network

Average: Reasonably maintains content focus with some interesting details

Needs attention: Needs to clarify content focus

Accuracy Vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, adherence to copyright guidelines, appropriate length

Excellent: Proofreading is thorough, with correct spelling and punctuation throughout

Average: Some distracting errors; needs more thorough proofreading

Needs attention: Frequent spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors; little evidence of proofreading

Visual Appearance Use of photos and videos, spacing paragraphs in a readable way, use of headers, and font styles are used appropriately

Excellent: Clear attention to detail and skimmable content layout. Very well organized.

Average: Good layout. Okay on the eyes and readable.

Needs attention: Little evidence of consideration to visual appearance.

Resource Links Integration of other blogs, Websites, images, video, audio

Excellent: Integrates links to relevant Websites, other blogs, and credible resources

Average: Connects to other resources on occasion

Needs attention: Little evidence of links to other resources

While the design, implementation, and analysis of assessments takes time, the results will help improve the social media tool/network and play a role in the continuous improvement process and help exceed set objectives.