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Choosing the right typeface can provide many challenges over the screen display. Type should support the brand framework and provide a practical approach for easy site updates.



Arial is browser and operating system standard on the web. Pages result in good readability and presentation layer on Windows and Macintosh platforms and is used as the default font and for database-drive content. Univers font will provide richer look and life to the graphical content of the site. Excellent for areas that are focused on visual impact rather than body copy and dynamically generated, database driven content.
Arial Regular


Univers 47 Light Condensed


Arial Bold


Univers 67 Bold Condensed


Use Arial for:
  • Database driven non-graphical content
  • Headlines
  • Body copy
  • Links
Use Univers for:
  • Key areas identification
  • Over photography
  • Graphical callouts


Web Header Classes

HTML codes can be used for multiple purposes. HTML header tags (<H1>, <H2>, <H3>, etc.) are more than a quick way to format text. Use them to define your page’s organizational structure and simplify page navigation. Well-written header text informs visitors and helps them navigate through your page - maybe keeping them at your site longer. Effective header tags will even increase your site ranking on some search engines.

Search engines analyze text inside header tags and use it to rank Web pages. They assume that anything important enough to put in larger text is also relevant to the page’s content.

The <H1> tag is by far the most important: it describes the purpose of the whole site. Search engine spiders will use it to score your page’s relevancy. Make it a more succinct version of your page’s TITLE tag and include important keywords. The sub headers decline in importance relative to their size, but they’re still useful: be sure you include keywords there, too.


H1 Fisher Heading



H2 Fisher Heading



H3 Fisher Heading



H4 Fisher Sub-head



H5 Fisher Body Text Bold