Video Production

We produce informational, marketing, and educational videos. Video can be a very dynamic and evocative teaching tool that can be used to motivate learners, in addition to utilizing video for promotional purposes.People interact with the world through a wide array of video media everyday. It can be used to capture one-of-a-kind events and record special speakers, or short video pieces can be used to effectively communicate concepts, services, experiences and accomplishments.

Video can be used for:

  • Expert interviews
  • Off-site facility tours
  • Instruction and demonstrations
  • Recorded lecture modules

 To learn more about the video capabilities that we offer, please view the video below. 

Fisher Video Service

To request a consultation surrounding a video idea or project, please contact the ITS Helpdesk. To learn more about the Fisher Video Production capabilities, please continue reading below. 

Types of Projects

Marketing and Promotion

Video is being used in Fisher to highlight and promote Fisher's dynamic programs and events. Video brings greater awareness to the public about the resources and opportunities available at Fisher College of Business.


Educational video could include an interview with a speaker, a description of a certain concept or process, or any other content that enhances the learning process.


Video can be used to document special events or capture speakers.

Starting Your Project

Utilizing video along with an event or as a project requires planning from start all the way through distribution and use. Here are some helpful questions:

  • Video's Purpose
    • What do you want to communicate?
    • What do you want the audience to do when they are finished viewing the video?

  • Audience Analysis
    • Who is your audience? Be specific..."everyone" is not a good target. Focus on a specific audience.
    • What do you know about the audience?
    • What does the audience already know about the subject?
    • How can you collect data about your audience?

  • Needs Assessment
    • Have you determined that this project is really needed?
    • Can the audience get the same thing from another source?

Typical Production Process

Pre-Production Conceptualizing

Consists of brainstorming, idea exploration, production design, and initial determination of output formats and delivery dates.


Some projects will require fully realized scripts while others may just need a script outline.


Actual recording, capturing, and creation of production elements.


After principal photography is completed and the script is finally completed, editing will commence. This can be the most time-consuming part of the process.


After previewing the video,which could include showing it to potential target audience members, revisions may need to be made.

Final Product Delivery/Project Launch

Depending on the final project deliverables, this is when the project is completed.


This can help evaluate and revise specific parts of the process to help improve the production of future projects.


Video production is resource-intensive and quick turnaround on projects can be challenging. Planning for video production is usually long-term and requires considerable focus and deliberation. ITS will do everything possible to produce the best possible product in as timely a manner as resources allow.

Instructional videos or projects related to academic courses will not be charged standard production expenses, but expenditures outside those standard expenses such as travel, special effects, animation, or the hiring of professional talent will have to be paid for by the client. To learn about specific costs, please contact the ITS Helpdesk.

Roles and Responsibilities

  ITS Responsibilities Client Responsibilities

Production Concept Design

Provide context and process for design of video project.

Participate in brainstorming and conceptualizing video treatment. Provide ideas on marketing and audience information. Determine delivery formats and dates.


Writes script, if possible, working with client for input and review. With some videos, this will be streamlined or may not be possible until critical portions of the video are collected.

Will provide input and also review and provide feedback on drafts of scripts.


When necessary. Provide personnel and equipment for production as well as production location.
NOTE: Personnel, equipment, or facilities outside current EdTech resources can be arranged by EdTech personnel, but may require additional costs and may need to be covered by the client.

Help arrange video shoots as needed, providing key contact names and location details. Provide monetary support for travel and/or resources outside current EdTech capabilities.


Provide editing facilities, personnel, and equipment. EdTech will assist in providing transcripts if possible when needed for editing or script-writing.

Participate by providing feedback throughout the process including approving the final product.

Project Delivery or Launch

Provide final product.

Provide assistance with arranging venue or web site space.

Delivery Format for Videos

ITS primarily produces videos to be distributed on the web, but ITS can also develop projects to be delivered on DVD and other formats. High quality archives of individual projects are retained on-site for possible future re-purposing.

To request a consultation surrounding a video idea or project, please contact the ITS Helpdesk

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