Instructional Design

Instructional Design is the systematic design of the instructional experience. It can be detailed and rigorous, but it can also be flexible to meet specific needs of individual educational projects.

The core of the instructional design process is the performance objective. The performance objective can be defined as a specific learning outcome. In our design process, the instructor is asked to start here and find a way in which a student can best achieve that outcome.

We support instructional design efforts by working with Fisher faculty to develop educational activities for students that incorporate all of the latest technological advances, while keeping learning objectives in the forefront.

These activities are not just restricted to online learning but can encompass traditional classroom activities as well. Assignments and activities can be designed for students to help them interact with the content, each other and the instructor in new and exciting ways.

Many tools are in place to help instructors teach and reach students, both in the classroom and online, such as:

  • Adding a Student Response System to a large lecture-format class to engage with students
  • Utilizing Carmen to engage students outside of the classroom 
  • Meeting asynchronously via Adobe Connect to increase student interaction and engagement 
  • Utilizing an interactive screen to project written equations.

To learn more about instructional goals and objectives and for assistance in determining tools and technology that can be used to help you reach them contact Educational Technologies through the ITS Helpdesk.  

The Fisher Teaching and Learning Cafe and Workshop Series  

The Fisher Teaching and Learning Café is a new tool developed by the EdTech Group to help faculty and staff reach their instructional design goals. This tool is completely online and in Carmen. Within the Fisher TLC you will find current best practices and research surrounding instructional design principals as well as instruction on how to use the basic features of Carmen to increase student engagement and retention. The Fisher TLC also offers a virtual discussion space for Fisher faculty and staff to share and build upon their development ideas and experiences.

To complement the Fisher TLC, the EdTech group is offering a workshop series that highlights sections of content available in the Fisher TLC. These sessions allow for an in-depth look at the materials and discussion among Fisher faculty and staff. Participants can then build upon these sessions by accessing the materials found in the Fisher TLC. Past workshops have included:

Watch your inbox for new and upcoming sessions. To request access to the Fisher TLC or to learn more about the workshop series, please contact the ITS Helpdesk

Central OSU Instructional Design Resources

  • University Center for the Advancement of Teaching (UCAT) assists all those who teach at The Ohio State University to excel in teaching, support student learning, and experience the satisfaction that results from teaching well.
  • Digital First, "OSU's campuswide initiative enhancing teaching, learning, and research through technlogy." 
  • Digital Union, "Ideas and solutions for your eLearning questions."

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