Teaching and Learning Services

Learning and Teaching SupportProvided by the Educational Technologies Team within the Information Technology Services (ITS) department of Fisher College of Business, we support the college through integration of technology in the classroom, production of video, and online course development.

Contact us early in your project development process to ensure facility and staffing availability.  We can consult with you to expand an innovative teaching concept or bring new technology into the classroom or online environment through a variety of tools and techniques.  We're here to support your educational efforts with the most advanced technology possible.

With the EdTech Group you can: 

  • Explore a new technology for instruction
  • Connect with an expert in another country
  • Produce educational videos for your physical or virtual classroom 
  • Move your course online

For up to date news and announcements provided by the EdTech Group, please visit the Fisher EdTech Group blog

To request a consultation about the services offered by the EdTech Group, please contact the ITS Helpdesk. To learn more about the services offered by this group and the scope of their work, please explore the links below. 

Who We Are

  Our Process

Learn more about how we manage questions and projects. 

  Our Staff

Read more about the staff involved with the Educational Technologies Group. 

What We Do 

  Instructional Design

We can answer questions and provide consultation surrounding your 
pedagogical needs. 


Explore our professional videoconferencing capabilities and how they can be used for Fisher courses.


  Online Learning 

If you are planning to move more content online or if you are teaching at a distance, we can help.

  Video Production 

Learn more about our video production capabilities and how they can be used in your course.



Read more about Carmen, OSU's Learning Management system, and access tutorials about Carmen use. 

  iPads in Education 

Explore further how the iPad can be used in instruction and how it is already being used at Fisher.


  Current Trends in EdTech

Explore the current innovations, trends, and techniques in Educational Technology.

  Training and Resources

Training and resources available from EdTech, ODEE, and UCAT.