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Support Services

supportThe ITS Support Services provides and coordinates technology support to Fisher students, faculty, and staff with responsibility for client advocacy, quality of service, problem resolution, and continual improvement of strategic processes.

Support Services is dedicated to enable the Fisher community to make the best use of technology and focus on achieving results. To learn more about our process and strategy, view our workflow and process.




item  Accounts and Passwords

Learn more about creating and maintaining your Fisher Active Directory (AD) Account

item  Personal and Group Drives

Learn more about the server space availability for group and individual usage.

item  Antivirus and Spyware

View answers to questions on virus and spy-ware prevention.

item  Phishing

Learn about methods used at Fisher to effectively handle SPAM email attacks.

item  E-Mail

Learn more about the e-mail system available to staff, faculty, and students.

item  Qualtrics

Learn more about the Qualtrics Survey tool for research, service, and teaching.

item  Encryption

View information about encryption techniques used to protect data.

item  Unix Research

View details regarding the Unix research servers and available applications.

item  Fisher User Account Change

View details about the Fisher User Account Change

item  Wireless and Mobile

Help set up your personal laptop and mobile to access Fisher's Wireless Network