Talisma is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software package used by Fisher College of Business. This centralized database will allow college staff from administrative offices to track and update information on college contacts with individual alumni, recruiters, business partners, executive education participants, and other important Fisher friends and colleagues.

Talisma also allows the college to track and analyze information on key companies and institutions. Fisher staff using Talisma can have the client installed on an office computer or a laptop using a VPN.

Who uses Talisma

  • Basic User (several per office)
    • Uses Talisma to search records and input contact notes.
  • Data Entry Staff (usually one per office)
    • Manages contacts and leads to specific programs or offices
    • Perform address and personal information updates for contacts
    • Perform queries and other administrative tasks
  • Event and Campaign Manager
    • Set up events or information sessions in Talisma to display of the Fisher website
    • Plan communication flows to certain contact groups
    • Facilitate event communication to attendees from invitation to thank you
  • Talisma Administrator
    • Staff within ITS with additional access and accountability for Talisma issues

Who is responsible for Talisma data

Each office is responsible for the Talisma lead records they own. For example, if a recruiter's contact information is added to Talisma by the Career Management data entry staff member, Career Management is ultimately responsible for the integrity of that data.

Please note that data entry staff in other offices are able to change contact information on common contact records, so data entry staff should always check to see if a new contact is already in the system. For example, since many of the records in Talisma are alumni and donors data entry staff in other offices should always check to see if their contacts are already in Talisma and create a new lead from that record.

Getting Help

  • Use the build-in Help feature provided by Talisma software.
  • Contact the ITS helpdesk (helpdesk@fisher.osu.edu) which will route the service request to the appropriate Talisma support person. They will assist you with questions about using the software, entering changes into the system, etc.