Fisher computer lab equipment and the network are to be used for educational purposes only. Activities involving the exchange of copyrighted files and software are strictly prohibited. The labs have a code of conduct outlined below:


Food and Drink = 3 Day Account Suspension

It is a violation to have any food or beverages (water and empty containers included) in any Fisher College of Business computer lab.


Multiple Log-in = 3 Day Account Suspension

It is a violation to be logged/signed into more than one computer at a time.


Account Sharing = 7 Day Account Suspension

It is a violation to share your Fisher computer account and/or allow another individual to utilize your account.


Independent Study = 3 Day Account Suspension

Mason 010 computer lab is limited to students working independently. Talking and/or collaborating is prohibited.


Mishandling Equipment = 3 Day Suspension Minimum

Any printing on non-supplied paper, unplugging or interfering with equipment in any way is strictly prohibited. Violators will be held financially responsible for damages to the equipment and lose account privileges. Note that department chairs and/or your program director may be notified as well.

  • Please note that more than one suspension may be applied during the same incident and all violations are consecutive, not concurrent and may extend into the next semester or term.
  • Suspensions cannot be moved to more convenient times.
  • Suspensions skip days on which the labs are already closed.
  • Computer labs are monitored by camera and you may not be warned of suspensions by proctors.
  • Ignoring university workers requests can lead to a doubling of suspension times.
  • Breaking the same rule in a term or in a previous term will result in a doubling of suspension times.
  • Frequent lab violators may have their account suspended until they schedule a meeting with on of our staff members.
  • Repeated account sharing problems may be turned over to the office of Student Judicial Affairs.