Process and Workflow

The Helpdesk is the first point of contact for all Fisher technology-related issues. An established process, combined with technology experts and system tools, help resolve issues and answer questions from the Fisher College of Business community.

Our Steps for a Successful Helpdesk

  • understanding the needs of our students, faculty and staff
  • focusing on customer engagement
  • developing great relationships with the Fisher Community
  • supporting the technical needs of the college
  • providing outstanding customer service

Helpdesk Request Lifecycle


All technology issues are reported to the Helpdesk first through any one of the following means: email, phone, walk-in or by appointment.


All relevant information relating to the nature of the issue must be documented so that a detailed record is maintained for each request. At minimum, the following details are captured during the initial contact.

  • Work order number
  • Date/time recorded
  • Requestor - customer identity, affiliation, contact information
  • Description of symptoms
  • Activities already undertaken to resolve the issue, if any...
  • Once an issue has been reported to the Helpdesk, a confirmation email is automatically sent to the requester.


Issues are categorized so the type of issue is recorded. This helps later with reporting, trend analysis and matching issues to problem areas, known errors and validated workarounds.


Issues are prioritized by assessing impact and urgency. Priority is used to determine how the issue is handled by staff and support tools.


The Helpdesk performs the initial diagnosis for every requested issue. Ideally, the issue can be successfully resolved and closed on-the-spot.


As soon as it becomes clear that the Helpdesk is unable to resolve the issue, it must be escalated to the appropriate support team. High impact and urgent responses include an immediate and sustained effort using all available resources as required until the issue is resolved.


Once the issue has been resolved, all events and actions are documented in the work order; a work completed email notification is sent to the customer communicating the final resolution, including a satisfaction survey opportunity to provide feedback regarding their interaction with our department.


Helpdesk Roles

There are two basic roles in our current Helpdesk structure: the Specialist and the Technician. Both roles are customer-focused with exceptional interpersonal communication skills. They have a strong understanding of Information Technology Services and work together to ensure success.

The Specialist 

The Specialist is the first point of contact for customers. They resolve multiple Helpdesk requests on-the-spot, such as login and password assistance, wireless connections, minor computer problems and other recurring Helpdesk issues. This role also provides specialized technology services for SMART phones, system administration, advanced email challenges, and professional consulting.

The Technician

The Technician travels around Fisher campus to solve technology challenges that can’t be resolved on first contact. This position works face-to-face with the customer and is able respond immediately for urgent technology issues in offices and classrooms, while balancing a high volume of planned technology requests. They provide support for all technology hardware and software, including installing, troubleshooting and recommending solutions.