Undergraduate Business Women's Association

The mission of the Undergraduate Business Women's Association is to bring together students interested in business, and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, service, networking support and national recognition.

The office of Diversity and Inclusion sponsored a group of students from the Undergraduate Business Women’s Association at the Fisher College of Business attended the 2014 Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business Intercollegiate Business Convention in Boston between October 18, 2014. Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business’ Intercollegiate Business Convention (IBC) provides a unique opportunity for dynamic female leaders from around the world to explore careers opportunities, expand their network of peers and mentors, and learn from the experiences of top female business leaders. Now in its 10th year, IBC attracts over 1,000 registrants from over 100 campuses.

2016 Student Testimonies

Elyssa Helker

“This past January, the Undergraduate Business Women’s Association had the opportunity and privilege to host and attend one of the best conferences about empowering women. The first speech we heard was from Stefanie Miller, the VP of Strategic Marketing, about her journey to her position and how she manages her three children on top of her job. The Dean of Iowa told us about being present in every moment and the importance of being confident throughout your career. I hope to take both lessons of these important and dominant leaders to have the determination to be present in the moment with both my work and my family and strive to always remain confident. We also created a breakout session for all of the attendees to get in some small groups with their similar positions in order to network more and understand how other organizations function. Not only did I get to know a smaller group of women, but I was also able to take some of the things that make their organization work well in order to make our organization more efficient. I found this conference to be super valuable not only for increasing the value of the organization, but also for my own personal learning and growth. My key takeaways were about what it means to be a woman in the workplace and how other women play a very important role in my journey as well.”

2014 Student Testimonies

Amy Tu

"The Intercollegiate Business Conference was such an amazing experience and I am very thankful to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for giving us the opportunity to attend. Hearing about the lives of so many influential women and the struggles that they went through before achieving success really solidified the idea that you need to work for success—it’s all about hard work, perseverance, and holding on to your values. The stories of the keynote and breakout speakers also motivated me to work even harder towards my goals and to always remain positive. Overall, I can definitely say that attending the Intercollegiate Business Conference has created a closer bond between the girls on the executive board, and it has also given me confidence and the knowledge that I can achieve anything I set my mind to."

Hannah Cedargren

"Sheryl Sandberg is famously quoted for saying, “In the future, there will be no female leaders, there will just be leaders.” This past weekend in Boston at Harvard Women in Business’s Intercollegiate Business Convention (IBC), I was able to catch a small glimpse of the future for just a day. I saw beautiful individuals, men and women alike, from around the world that all believe in the common goal of encouraging women. The one-day convention was able to push me to expand my horizons, but also try harder to empower those around me. I am able to take this back to The Ohio State University and Undergraduate Business Women’s Association, in order to build the organization into more of a interactive organization that is able to build each respective member for the world that follows. I really like all the different options that that conference provided, and I would really like to see UBWA follow suit in order to prepare for the future and continue to improve and grow upon our success. I think the most valuable and amazing take away from the conference orbits the unity developed through the E-Board. Having a unified leadership team can be one of the most valuable keys to an organizations success. The trip in general provided a platform for all of the executive board members to see eye to eye in a foreign environment. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to the ODI office and Twhila Holley especially for your resilient efforts to make this amazing growing experience possible."

2013 Student Testimonies

Jenny Zaerr, Secretary

"The Harvard IBC conference was an eye-opening experience. I loved hearing from so many powerful women about their stories, experiences, successes and failures. The break-out sessions were helpful as we picked the topics in which we were most interested. Each speaker or panelist, with their distinct personal and professional story, gave advice that was useful to us as undergraduate women who will soon be entering the workforce. At the end of the packed day, I was tired yet rejuvenated and motivated at the same time. It was such a privilege to be a part of the conference and to gain more knowledge and wisdom from those who've "made it." I hope to one day be one of those women - and specifically be a woman working toward gender equality in the workforce. Please let me know if you need anything else from me."

Jessica Durbin, Senior Vice President

"Being that this was my second time attending the Harvard Women in Business IBC, I feel that I learned even more and could really apply the messages of the keynote speakers to my daily life. My favorite speaker by far was Kat Cole, CEO of Cinnabon, Inc. and a phenomenal inspiration. Her personal career success story made me realize that success in the business world comes from seizing opportunity as it comes to you, and not letting a moment slip away. I also thoroughly enjoyed being able to speak with some incredibly influential females on a more personal level during several breakout sessions that were held throughout the day. This conference solidified my dreams and ambitions even further, and I am so grateful to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for this opportunity."

Sammi Coil, VP of Community Service

"The Intercollegiate Business Convention was such an amazing experience. The keynote speakers were truly inspiring. One of those speakers, Julie Greenwald the COO of Atlantic Records was real down-to-earth and very relatable. She is living proof that you can have it all – a successful career and a loving family. This is something I’ve always been conflicted about, and it was neat to see how she makes it all work. All the speakers made a point to say that sometimes your life won’t always go according to the master plan, but that it’s okay. Sometimes it’s those bumps in the road that lead you to where you’re supposed to be. This was reassuring to me because I often feel as if I don’t have it all figured out. Overall, I feel much more confident about my future career endeavors after attending Harvard’s IBC weekend."

Amy Stanowick, VP of Corporate Relations

"Attending the Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business’ Intercollegiate Business Convention was an incredible opportunity. Each keynote speaker was very inspiring and offered valuable life lessons to use in the workplace and elsewhere. I really enjoyed the different breakout sessions and being able to attend those that specifically matched my personal interests. This experience provided me with strong advice on how to be successful during interviews, on the job, and throughout the course of my career."

Brittney Castle, VP of Social Media and Web Design

"The Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business's Intercollegiate Business Conference was such an amazing opportunity. The UBWA Executive Board got to hear from, and meet, top executives from companies around the United States. During the Key-Note speakers’ presentations, we learned the importance of believing in yourself, working hard, and making your way to the top. One of the most valuable lessons I left with was Ms. Cole’s idea of “No Borders, No Boundaries” which reminds us not to come up with a list of reasons why we might not be the PERFECT fit for an opportunity, just take it and run with it. All of the speakers were very realistic and stressed the amount of work and effort that it takes to succeed, but reminded us that this will pay off in the long run. The breakout sessions were also a great way for us to learn more about different industries, dressing for interviews, networking, etc. It is an indescribable feeling to meet women who hold the kinds of positions that you aspire to."

Sarah Teutsch, VP of Member Relations

"Wow. It's honestly hard to choose words for UBWA's 48-hour trip to Boston! I have never been in a room with so many inspiring and influential people. There were 1,000 people who came to the event, but it felt so much smaller in a good way. We had the opportunity to speak one-on-one with women and men who are now leading companies, but were in our shoes previously. I felt that this opportunity came at such a perfect time. Betsy Myers, COO for the Obama campaign and President senior advisor on women's issues for Clinton, told us a story about her young daughter. Her daughter is a dancer and one day screamed out, "Mommy I'm freaking out with joy, I was born to dance!" She really inspired me to discover and pursue what brings me joy in work and in life. I can't explain how grateful I feel for having the chance to go on this trip--not to mention get closer with the UBWA team, we definitely brought the Buckeye spirit to Boston!"

2012 Student Testimonies

Nikki Kehres, VP of Operations

My favorite part about the IBC was the way that I felt after the day was over. Hearing from so many successful women from so many different business specializations left me feeling motivated and inspired. Along with those two awesome feelings, I learned a lot of excellent small pieces of advice that I wouldn't have been able to receive without the opportunity to hear from these women in a small-group setting. Overall, it reassured me that with confidence and hard work any woman can be as successful as the women who presented at the conference.

Caitlin Edwards, Treasurer

The Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business's Intercollegiate Business Conference was a great opportunity for me to both learn and network with successful professional women and accomplished students from some of the top business universities from around the world.  It was interesting to see how businesses outside of Ohio go about recruiting women to some of the more larger cities in the country, and I feel that I have a better understanding of what I need to do to move up in the business world as a woman.  The keynote speakers were very inspirational about how their success came from doing what they love, and I hope that, by following their advice, I can be at least half as successful as them.  Overall, the trip was a wonderfully informative experience, and I thank the Fisher College of Business Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

Abigail Grable, VP of Corporate Relations

The Harvard Women in Business Intercollegiate Business Conference was the perfect opportunity to learn how to advance my future career. The keynote speakers, Sarah Robb O'Hagan and Donna Karan, told inspiring and motivational stories about navigating through the business world. In addition, the individual breakout sessions provided valuable information regarding networking, maintaining one's values as a businesswoman, and interviewing. Overall, this conference taught me important lessons and tips that I can use to my advantage when searching for jobs and determining my overall career path.