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Established in 1970, the National Black MBA Association is dedicated to developing partnerships that result in the creation of intellectual and economic wealth in the black community. In partnership with over 350 of the country's top business organizations, the association has inroads into a wide range of industries as well as the public and private sector. Yet all of NBMBAA's partners have one thing in common: they are all committed to the organization's goals and values. The organization gains its strength from a strong belief in community and a commitment to its development through economic and educational development initiatives that support the global African American community.

2015 Student Testimonies

Dadrien Barnes

Attending the 2015 NBMBAA Conference in Orlando was amazing. I was able to interact with companies that typically don't recruit at OSU and really had an opportunity to display what a Fisher MBA has to offer. Because of the conference, I nabbed an amazing internship offer with Ford that I'm super stoked about this summer.

2014 Student Testimonies

Jennifer Parker

"The NBMBAA Conference in Atlanta, GA was a great experience. I had the opportunity to compete in the Chrysler case competition as a first year MBA student which helped to develop my presentation skills and learn effective case analysis techniques. Prior to the conference, I had the opportunity to work with the Fisher case team and faculty team advisor in studying the case and practicing our presentation. During the conference, we presented our case analysis and competed against schools around the country. Additionally, I had the opportunity to speak to companies across various industries and interview. I definitely plan to attend the event next year to build networks and assist in my professional pursuit. A special thank you to the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services for providing this invaluable opportunity." 

2013 Student Testimonies

Edwin Jones

"Attending the 2013 Black MBA Conference in Houston was a great and memorable experience! There were   hundreds of companies with representatives available to talk about their internship opportunities as well as to interview during the conference. In addition to the networking with the professionals, there were also students from all over the country in attendance. Not only was there a great professional environment in Houston, there was also a lively social environment as well. It was a great experience to work hard and play hard with such an amazing group of people. I look forward to Atlanta for the 2014 Conference!"

Janae Wilson

"The NBMBAA Conference in Houston was definitely an experience I’ll remember for a lifetime. I volunteered at the registration desk and I was able to meet company reps before anyone else attending the conference. This allowed me to make that initial contact before anyone else and be ahead of the game once I got onto the career expo floor. People from the companies that I met at registration recognized my face and it was that much easier to engage them in a conversation and talk with them about their career opportunities. The networking opportunities are immense at the conference. The amount of companies that attend allow for you to greatly expand your network and give you a multitude of career options. Besides just speaking with companies at the career expo you can even attend various companies’ hospitality receptions where you get a more casual and laid back environment to speak with them. Also, there are social events that go on every night that conference attendees may go to. I went to a few, one of them being the Welcome Reception. There was music playing and food everywhere. It was nice to see everyone from the conference relaxed and having a ball after a long day. I was able to meet many people at the social events as well all while having fun. I personally had the time of my life at this conference and made many connections with people who I still keep in contact with to this day. I would definitely recommend this conference to anyone and everyone looking to expand their network or take that next step in their career. The conference is not an opportunity you want to miss out on." 

2012 Student Testimonies

Scott Bear

"This past September, I was able to participate in the annual National Black MBA Association Conference Case Competition. After working for three weeks on a comprehensive marketing strategy for an upcoming product for Chrysler, my case team was able to present our strategy to a number of influential Chrysler representatives and compete against a number of prestigious schools for $50,000 in prizes! Balancing the case work with my other responsibilities in school and home was difficult, but the overall experience was invaluable as I better learned the importance of communication, time management, creativity, innovation, and just having fun. There are a number of case competitions held throughout the country, but I am confident that I would have had a very difficult time finding as unique an opportunity as I did with this particular competition provided by the National Black MBA Association, sponsored by Chrysler, and supported by the office of Diversity and Inclusion Student Services. And while we weren't able to bring home the hardware, I could not be prouder of what we produced and how we performed."

Bliss Pierce

"Representing Fisher on the 2012 National Black Case was an absolutely wonderful experience. As a 1st year MBA student, having early exposure to a full business case that covered all areas of study, from Finance to Marketing to Operations gave me the ability to immediately apply what I was learning in my core classes. Although the overall competition kept me busy, I did have time to land two internship offers from interviews at the conference! Overall, National Black proved to be a great opportunity to network with target companies that don't always make it to campus for recruiting."

Erin Holloway

"As a JD/MBA candidate, my experience at the conference was very rewarding. I not only gained valuble networking contacts with firms, but i was also able to meet and develop relationships with other members of BMBAA early in the year. At the conference, there was a balance between work and social activities which allowed me to accomplish my goals as well as enjoy my time in the city."