2013 NAWMBA Conference



The National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering female business professionals to propel more women into leadership positions in corporate America and to enhance the diversity of the nation's workforce. Our focus is on the development of early to mid-career stage professionals. We serve three related client groups: female MBA students, female business professionals, and employers.

2014 Student Testimonies

Rebecca Kimball

My favorite part of the NAWMBA was... 

Bonding with the other Fisher women! We rode to DC in a van together, and it was great to get to know each other better. These women all took the initiative to go to this conference, are members of FGWIB, and are motivated and excited by the idea of promoting women in business. It was inspiring to hear their different stories, and we definitely had a lot of fun together!

2013 Student Testimonies

Shai Rasmussen

The MBA Women's International conference was a great experience. It is always special to be surrounded by amazing people, especially amazing powerful successful women. This conference was jam packed with motivational speakers encouraging us to dream bigger and do more. One speaker asked us to specifically think about what we would do if we weren't afraid. And when I shared my dream with the greater audience, starting my own business, someone from the other side of the room stood and offered me ideas, support, and a resources to get started. Thanks universe! A good experience overall!

2012 Student Testimonies

Burouj Ajlouni

The MBA Women International Conference was a great opportunity for networking with a wide array of professionals. The smaller size of the conference meant there were shorter lines for the career fair, as well as opportunities for more in-depth conversations. The smaller size also allowed for smaller sessions and panel discussions, and an opportunity for those of us in the audience to actively participate in the conversation and interact with members of the panel.

The opportunities for networking were plentiful – the attendees of the conference ranged from entrepreneurs and CEOs to CMOs to fellow MBA students, and everything in between. I had the chance to hear from several inspiring keynote speakers (Lee Rhodes, Scott Woelfel, Leo J. Hindery Jr among others!), as well we meet and network with people from all over the world!

The MBA Women International Conference provided me with great networking experiences, and the opportunity to meet such a great mix of interesting people!

Sarah Williams

"I found the MBA Women International Conference to be most beneficial.  I went into it with an open mind, as a way to simply broaden my experiences during my time in business school.  Believe it or not, I actually came out of it with an internship offer!  That aside, the smaller size of this conference allows for a more intimate environment overall, but especially with regard to the speaker events and the career fair element.  I was able to engage in valuable conversations with recruiters, fellow professionals and company representatives without feeling rushed or under pressure. I had meaningful conversations that allowed me to learn a lot about each company of interest.  

Not only can insight and knowledge be gained from the various seminars and speakers, but networking skills can be sharpened.  There are plenty of individuals to meet and talk to and you just never know who you will connect with and what those connections may lead to.  In addition, you will be motivated and inspired by professional female leaders from all over the country and world.  I would definitely advise future MBA students to attend this conference!"

Ngozi Onwuaduegbo

"The MBA Women International Conference at Phoenix was a perfect opportunity for me to meet a lot of amazing women and network with companies! It had an intimate feel because the companies have a lot of time to speak to you, give you their contact information and answer any question that you may have without rushing you off the line. I met companies that do not typically recruit from Fisher. The keynote speakers and workshop sessions were very amazing and I left the conference feeling very inspired by the group of women I met.  I definitely recommend the MBA Women Conference to any MBA Woman aspiring to become a very successful leader"