NABA Conference

The Ohio State University Student Chapter of NABA shall unite through membership accounting students who have similar interests and ideals are committed to academic and future professional excellence, a sense of professional and civic responsibility, and are concerned with enhancing opportunities for minorities in the accounting profession.

2014 Student Testimonies

Brianna Jones:

"As a student at The Ohio State University, there are so many amazing opportunities that students have to expand their career and personal growth. This fall I was able to attend The 2014 NABA Regional Conference where I was handpicked to give a speech and three of my colleagues were rewarded scholarships. Through NABA l was granted the opportunity to meet and engage with so many extraordinary professionals and out of state students. During my time at Conference I was able to not only enjoy the professionally purpose of the trip but also the other remarkable aspects. This conference allowed my fellow NABA members and I to bond by enjoying local cuisine and touring the beautiful landmarks of Chicago. It was during this time that I was able to meet other young likeminded individuals and attend informational sessions that didn’t just relate to an Accounting career but successful dialogue for any field of work. I would personally recommend any student looking to network with companies, professionals, or students from different colleges to take the opportunity to invest their time in attending one NABA’s Regional Conferences."

 Devin Horton:

"I had a fantastic experience at the NABA Central Region Student Conference in Chicago this past October. At the conference, I had the opportunity to learn and gain career advice by talking and interviewing with many different companies and professionals. I was also able to meet and network with other NABA members from universities around the region. The conference allowed me the opportunity to make lasting connections with people who share the same determination to be successful in their career by communicating their experiences with others. Our NABA OSU Chapter became a stronger group because of the valuable learning experiences provided at the conference."

2013 Student Testimonies

Raquel May

"My first experience at the NABA regional conference was eye opening. Engaging in thought provoking seminars that encourage my development meant so much to me. Having the one-on-one time to talk to recruiters at the Career Expo was also appreciated, as it was much more attractive than the loud, crowded career fairs I am used to. As a sophomore, I think it was beneficial to have this experience, because I can take it and expound on it professionally and academically for my next two and a half years. Moreover, I can help spread the word about NABA and the exceptional opportunities it offers."

Muhammad Hassan

"As a senior majoring in Finance and Economics, I have found the NABA CR conference to be extremely beneficial. First, the conference was able to provide a meeting of like-minded, success-oriented young people from all around the country. From networking with several accounting and finance executives from J.P. Morgan, EY, and Deloitte to interviews with company recruiters, the professional development opportunities were second to none. I have also been fortunate to receive a scholarship from one of the conference’s corporate sponsors. I felt that all the conference volunteers and guests, with their generous donation of time and knowledge, had one goal in mind: to develop and invest in the success of myself as well as my peers. Above all, the conference remained true to the ideals of NABA in ‘lifting as we climb."

Melissa Trejo

"The National Association of Black Accountants Regional Conference was definitely an amazing experience. The conference had a variety of workshops that focused on professional and personal development. I have attended several conferences in the past and I was nervous that the workshops would be similar to the other conferences. However, they did an excellent job of presenting the information to make the workshops a beneficial experience for all years. Along with the workshops, the conference had a career fair. With the conference being later on in the recruitment season, I was worried about a lack of opportunities available. On the contrary, I began talking to recruiters and received an interview for the following day. I recommend all years and majors to attend this conference because it is not like any conference due to the unique experiences and the vast amount of opportunities."

Mariah Scott

"Lifting As We Climb." From starting out as a NABA member my freshman year, to now being President of the organization my junior year, the model still holds true. One of the greatest benefits from the NABA membership is networking and mentorship. During the NABA Regional Conference we were able to meet over 15 NABA chapters both undergrad and professional level represented all over the region. I also had the opportunity to receive a $1,000 scholarship by attending the conference. NABA has consistently been a resource for me to achieve my goals by collectively receiving over $3,000 in scholarships since my freshman year. I had four interviews during the conference that resulted in internship offers, as well as sat in on professional development workshops. I love attending the NABA Central Region Conference and can't wait for next year!"