Internship Search

Before you begin, answer the following questions.
  • What is your major?
  • When do you want to intern? Full-time or part-time?
  • Are you geographically limited to a certain city?
  • Is there a specific industry you want to target?


  • On Campus Interviews*
    These are interviews for full-time summer internships, interviewing takes place primarily September through March.
  • Resume Referrals*
    Employers use our system to get resumes of qualified students.
  • E-mail Notices from Career Management*
    Keeps you up-to-date on career related programs & events.
  • Job/Internship Postings*
    This electronic job/internship bulletin board gives Fisher students direct access to jobs and internships.
  • Alumni Networking
    Other important sources of networking include OSU alumni or alumni clubs in an area that you are targeting:
  • Job Fairs
    There are several job fairs throughout the academic year.
  • Networking
    Friends, relatives, neighbors are all sources of internships! Talk to them! Join a student organization in your major, they promote internship opportunities too!
  • Social Networking Media
    Having a professional file on LinkedIn can help others easily identify you. LinkedIn also has job searching resources - and may provide a way to connect with people for internships.
  • Web sites
    Identify companies that interest you and search their web sites, many have job and internship postings online.

    Some Additional Websites: (to identify companies)
  • Other Schools
    If you are targeting a city other than Columbus, contact colleges and universities in that area. Check for services  available to you or any job fairs that are scheduled. Check to see if they are hosting job or internship fairs - and call to see if you can attend.

* You must register with FisherConnect to participate in these services. In addition, you must participate in QUIC, Qualified Undergraduate Interview Candidate program to be eligible to interview on-campus. Participation in QUIC requires completing 5 on-line modules and passing a quiz on each, having your resume approved and passing a QUIC interview. Full details provided when you register with Career Management.

Interesting FACTS About Internships

Of Fisher students reporting internships to Career Management last year, over 88% of them indicated they got their internship either through Career Management (including on-campus interviews, resume drops, FisherConnect and job fairs) or Networking.

90% of Fisher students graduate with at least one internship experience.

Fisher students who had internship experience averaged up to $3,000 higher starting salaries for their full-time offers than those that did not have internships.