Undergraduate Internships: Unpaid Internships/Course Credit

BA 2191– Intended for Students who are required to earn credit for their internship

Internships are not a required component of the curriculum at Fisher; therefore students do not receive credit for doing internships. The Office Career Management does offer a course that students can enroll in if their internship employer requires them to earn credit, or for international students doing CPT(Curricular Practical Training). BA 2191 is taught in an independent-study format and students must complete a series of assignment related to their internship.

The majority of internships completed by Fisher students are paid and the Office of Career Management encourages all employers to pay their interns.

How to enroll in BA 2191:

Schedule an appointment with a Career Management staff member in 150 Gerlach (292-6024) and bring documentation from your employer stating that you must receive credit. 

  • If you are an International Student you must also bring your CPT form to the appointment.
  • If your internship is Unpaid your employer will need to fill out the Documentation for Unpaid Internships form.  Please bring this to your appointment in Career Management.

Information about BA 2191 options

BA 2191.01 is the full semester version of the course and is worth 1 credit hour.  For students who receive an internship offer partway through the semester, BA 2191.02 will also be offered in the second 7-week session of each semester (worth 0.5 credit hours).

  • Please note- You must take BA 2191 during the semester in which you are interning
  • For the full semester course you must enroll by the 5th Friday of the semester
  • For the second 7 week session you must enroll by the 3rd Friday of the session
  • If adding a course after the 2nd Friday of the semester, a fee of $100 per course will be charged. In addition, students must obtain the Department Chair’s Signature on their course permission form after meeting with the Office of Career Management.

International Students Doing CPT

  • International students can only start CPT for a particular semester on the official first day of classes for that semester (i.e. the internship start date can be no earlier than the first day of classes for that semester)
  • International students are eligible to work up until the day before the following term starts
  • Students wishing to continue their internship throughout more than one semester must reapply for CPT prior to the start of each semester he/she will be interning
  • Any questions about I-20, SEVIS policy, or Visa restrictions should be directed to the Office of International Affairs