BA 2601 Job Search Preparation and Transition to Work for Business Students

Course Details
  • Offered fall and spring semesters
  • 1 Credit Hour, Graded

In BA2601, students learn the art of résumé and cover letter writing and have class sessions and assignments focused on interviewing, negotiating salaries, networking, navigating a career fair, utilizing social media, and creating a personal brand.

Course Objectives

  • To develop a deep understanding of the job search process
  • To have fun while learning skills that can be applied in the “real world”
  • To create the resources and develop the skills necessary to conduct a successful job search
  • To foster an attitude of professionalism in all interaction with future employers
  • To better your understanding of the resources available through the Office of Career Management
  • To discuss and prepare for the transition from the college environment to the working world

What former BA 2601 students have said about the class

Of all the classes I have had to take at Ohio State, I consider BA 2601 to be one of the most vital classes to my success in my career. The course material is directly applicable to landing a job out of college and setting the foundation for a smooth transition to the work force. Without question, I believe this course should be a requirement of all students in Fisher.

As a senior, I would encourage students to take this class when they first enter Fisher because it offers a lot of great advice and information about job preparation and resources that are availableto students through Fisher.

I was apprehensive about taking this class but am so glad I did. I learned so much about networking and interviewing. I would definitely recommend this class and instructor.

I honestly think that this course should be required in Fisher because it will guide students when it comes to resume and career building--something that is very important while you are a student and something that not every student does.


Questions can be directed to Audrey Bledsoe