Resume Preparation

The Fisher College of Business Office of Career Management has developed a required resume format for graduate student resumes based on a review of resume best practices among leading business schools. According to leading recruiters and career search experts, the use of a consistent format allows both students and potential employers to focus on the content rather than the form of the resume. Sample resumes in the required format are provided for various academic disciplines and degree programs.

Required Resume Format Guidelines

  1. Select a resume sample: Highlight the sample text and type over it or copy and paste the text from your existing resume into the sample resume.
  2. Font and font size: Use Times New Roman, Arial or other easy-to-read font. Use 10-12 point font size. Do not use shading or graphics as this will detract from the content.
  3. Length: Do not exceed one page unless you have significant, relevant experience (i.e., 10 years of professional experience).
  4. Table: Education institutions, degrees, titles and dates are in a table format for consistent formatting and to enable dates and locations to be right-justified. Note: To hide gridlines prior to saving your resume, go to the Table on the menu bar in Word, and the select "hide gridlines".

Sample Resumes

Refer to the below Microsoft Word documents as example resumes for the career paths listed.


Finance, Investment Management and Accounting:


Master of Business Logisitics Engineering:

Master of Human Resource Management:

Master of Accounting:

Operations and Logisitics Management: