Supply Chain Symposium - Wednesday, March 20


steel tariffs


9 - 11:30 a.m. | Fisher College of Business | Pfahl Hall 202 | 280 W. Woodruff Ave., Cols., OH


Ohio’s status as a manufacturing powerhouse also places the state front and center in a still-developing tariff skirmish the Trump administration initiated in what it calls a move to protect the nation’s steel and aluminum industries. As other nations enact retaliatory measures and the end game of the trade tensions remains unclear, how is this rippling throughout firms’ supply chains today – and what does the future hold?

ned hill fran stewartOn Wednesday, March 20, The Ohio State University Center for Operational Excellence’s first semi-annual Supply Chain Symposium of 2019 explores the supply chain impact of global tariff tensions by featuring the Ohio debut of a new report from two Ohio Manufacturing Institute (OMI) researchers. In their featured keynote, report co-authors Ned Hill (pictured, immediate right), an OMI faculty member and professor at Ohio State’s John Glenn College of Public Affairs, and Fran Stewart (pictured, far right), an OMI and John Glenn College senior research associate, will tackle three questions at the heart of this hot-button economic issue:

  • What’s the current state of nation’s tariff moves and other countries’ reactions?;
  • How are Ohio firms’ supply chains feeling the effects today?
  • What’s the near-term prospect that tensions with other countries, particularly China, may worsen?
  • Will this lead to a recession?

Following the featured keynote, Hill and Stewart will be joined by supply chain leaders from Ohio firms, including Jim Buddelmeyer, VP of Global Supply Chain Management for New Albany-based Commercial Vehicle Group Inc. and Eric Carlson, VP of Global Supply Chain for Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions of Sidney. In this panel discussion, the industry representatives will react to the report’s findings and offer their observations in a Q&A session moderated by Fisher College of Business Prof. John Gray.

Whether your industry directly feels the effects of tariffs or you’re curious about this headline-grabbing issue, don’t miss your chance to hear the findings of this sweeping new report only weeks after its Washington, D.C., debut.



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