The formal course work in a PhD Program in Finance is very important because it provides students an efficient way to learn frontier developments in the fields of interest and serves as a foundation for further scholarly research. The coursework requirements for the PhD Program in Finance are described in detail in the Handbook. Below is an overview.

A. Fisher College of Business Master Level Course Requirements

In addition to the prescribed sequence of PhD level courses, students are required to complete certain Master level courses depending on their previous degrees.

B. Competency in Microeconomic Theory

PhD students in Finance must understand the material in the following courses:
Microeconomic Theory IA (Economics 8711), Microeconomic Theory IB (Economics 8712), Microeconomic Theory IIA (Economics 8713), and Microeconomic Theory IIB (Economics 8714).
PhD students in Finance are required to take the Microeconomic Qualifying Examination and to achieve a minimum grade of "M.A. Pass" on the examination.

The PhD students in Finance also are encouraged to understand the material in the following courses:
Macroeconomic Theory IA (Economics 8721), Macroeconomic Theory IB (Economics 8722), Macroeconomic Theory IIA (Economics 8723) and Macroeconomic Theory IIB (Economics 8724).

C. Finance Major Field Coursework Requirements

The Ph.D. students in Finance must understand the material in the following courses:

  • Theoretical Asset Pricing (Business Finance 8210)
  • Empirical Asset Pricing (Business Finance 8220)
  • Theoretical Corporate Finance (Business Finance 8230)
  • Empirical Corporate Finance (Business Finance 8240)
  • Advanced Asset Pricing (Business Finance 8250)
  • Advanced Corporate Finance (Business Finance 8260)
  • Finance Research Readings Course (Business Finance 8280)
  • Finance Research Course (Business Finance 8290)

More detaled information regarding the Finance PhD course offerings can be found here

D. Research Tool Requirements

The minimum required courses in research tools for the PhD students in finance are:

  • Survey of Statistical Methods in Economics (Economics 6701)
  • Econometrics I (Economics 8731)
  • Econometrics II (Economics 8732)
  • Econometrics III (Economics 8733)