Global Business Expeditions (GBEs) are short-term, high-intensity global programs offered during Spring Semester. Each program is designed by our Fisher College of Business faculty to integrate industry expertise with a global context. For full cultural and business immersion, students travel Spring Break or May 2019 on a private tour of globally successful, multi-national companies and the must-see historical sites of the region.

Panama City


Panama: Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management (1.5 credits)
March 9-17, 2019
Prof. Terry Esper

Program fee TBD
$150 application fee

Home to one of the most strategic waterways in the world, Panama plays a significant role in global trade and the world's logistics infrastructure.  From Panama City, to Lake Gatun, to Colon, you will identify and understand contemporary issues that impact global supply chain management.  Spring Break travel will help you understand specific supply chain issues facing Panamanian firms or international firms that do businss in (or via) Panama. 


Learn More About GBE Israel


Israel: Innovation and Entrepreneurship (1.5-3 credits)
March 9-17, 2018
Dr. Oded Shenkar

Program fee TBD
$150 application fee

Discover the entrepreneurial spirit of Israel! Dubbed the “Silicon Valley of the East”, the entrepreneurial spirit is palpable from the modern city of Tel Aviv, the holy sites of Jerusalem, and the capital of the Negev desert, Beersheba. Visit the nation home to many of the most sacred Abrahamic religious sites and the largest number of startups per capita in the world. The journey begins on campus with an intensive 7-week course.

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Prague and Vienna: A Global Communication Adventure (1.5 credits)
March 8-16, 2019
Prof. Marc Ankerman

Program fee TBD
$150 application fee

Separated by just over two hundred miles, the Czech Republic and Austria had vastly different histories during the 20th century that have affected the communication of their peoples, specifically in the business sphere.  Join us during Spring Break to discover how companies in the region integrate the concept of Mission, Vision and Values in their organizations.  Explorations of the culture and history of each country- from Prague Castle to Schoenbrunn Palace- will also provide context. 



Italy: Modern Business Organizations (1.5 credits)
May 4-18, 2019
Prof. John Schaffner

Program fee TBD
$150 application fee

The influence of the Renaissance period can be seen in art, architecture, politics, science and literature.  But did you know that it can also be seen in today's business world? Through readings, discussion and a 14-day travel program in May, immerse yourself in the governmental, civic, and social sites of Rome, the Vatican and Florence.  You will investigate how the concepts which emerged from the Renaissance continue to inform the foundation of contemporary business organizations and global leadership.